Wednesday, 3 December 2014


        In my last blog post “RESISTANCE vs. TERRORISM” I think there were some misconceptions about what my point of view is. Let me be clear: I do not support violence in any form, and I do not try to justify any deaths whose victims were innocent, but I also do not at all support double-standards and hypocrisy. I do not think the Palestinian attacks of the latest days as something heroic; only for the slightest chance of the existence of one innocent person on the other side, but, I still do fully believe that if there is someone to blame for these ‘terrorism’ acts it is Israel and its bully behavior.
    I am not afraid of my statements; I know I am going to be labeled as ‘anti-peace’ thing. I am not anti-peace; however, peace is against me. You see, the peace they want means the silencing of our story; means depriving us from our rights; means apartheid; means racism; means injustice; means conspiracy. The peace they go out and about promoting is nothing but a mask that they and their beliefs hide under. The peace they’re talking about means that they can still steal lands, deprive us from rights, and kill the amounts they want. Their peace means the erasing of the Palestinian identity and heritage. It means that many other malls will be built on so many other cemeteries and not just Ma’man Allah Cemetery. It means that they’re going to change the streets’ names. It means the Arabic language will be forbidden. It means they’re going to be the powerful ones, the ones with weapons, the ones with tanks, the ones with money, the ones with VITO (I told you, it was a mad conspiracy), it means more houses will be demolished because they’re on ‘green land’, it means more olive trees will be demolished because they’re on ‘green land’… etc. it means that nothing will change from the actual everyday reality we live, but one thing: they wouldn’t be called ‘occupation’ anymore, which will make their crimes even more legit and acceptable in the eyes of the numb, silent and hypocritical international community. Damn, of course I am against their so-called peace. Let me tell you something: peace will be fulfilled when there is equality and justice between us and them. When we have the same amount of everything they have; when 194 The Right Of Return is accomplished and refuges return to their houses; when my grandmother goes back to Haifa; when they rebuild our neighbors’ house and give them back their memories; when they bring back to life every innocent child they’ve killed; when they replant the olive trees; when they stop settlements; when they stop settler colonizing; when they free all the Palestinian prisoners in their fascist prisons; when they destroy the apartheid wall; when they end the siege on Gaza; when they stop digging under the old city; when they stop stopping Christians from praying in the Church of Holy Suplecher on their holidays; when they stop denying Muslims’ entries to the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque; when they stop diving the A-Haram Al-Ibrahimi between them and us; when all of the Brooklyn settlers go back to Brooklyn; when all the so-called mentally ill settlers stay inside mental illness institutions instead of leaving them in the streets of Hebron horrifying little girls; when their so-called The Castle Of David goes back to being The Castle Of Jerusalem; when their so-called City Of David goes back to being Silwan; when they remove all their checkpoints and barriers… I could go on, tirelessly counting the things that need to be accomplished so peace could be accomplished as well. You see, peace is not just a thing two people agree on, it’s about justice, and justice has a price- a price they wouldn’t have to pay if they didn’t kill peace and justice in the first place.
     So, I am not anti-peace what I am is: I am anti-war, anti-crimes, anti-hypocrisy anti-brutality, anti-Zionism, anti-fascism, anti-Nazism, anti-conspiracy, anti-thievery, anti-inhumanity, anti-masks, anti-oppression, anti-lies, anti-underage-arresting, anti-siege, anti-occupation, anti-apartheid, anti-forging, anti-Judaizing the city, anti-Brooklyn setters, anti-racism, anti-decimation, anti-using religion as a weapon, anti-injustice, anti-inequality, anti-tanks, anti-killings, anti-double-standards, anti-forging-history, anti-checkpoints, anti-barriers, anti-IDF (really though, the ‘D’ is for defense… defense? From who? How ironic), anti-war crimes, anti-settlers anti-destruction, anti-bogusness … etc.
Need I say more? I am not against peace, peace is against me.
Peace, for us as Palestinian, is something we do really want. We are tired, exhausted and have had enough of all this chaos, we need comfort, relief, happiness, security etc. but however, that doesn’t mean giving up. Peace is not a synonyms to the word surrender, nor it is a white flag raised in the middle of the battle, peace is what happens after the battle, or what had happened before the battle. So what do I want? What do I demand? What do I need? What do I deserve? Peace; peace that is full, in all of its aspects. Peace that only befits the righteous truths. Peace that is the flower of the seeds of justice. Peace I want.
Peace in this country called Palestine, containing the cities of Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, and Ramallah …. Acre, Haifa, Jaffa and Nazareth …. Gaza, Jenin, Toul Karm … all of the Palestinian cities, the will always be Palestinian. Peace, where Muslims, Christians, Jews and many other beliefs and disbeliefs will enrich this beautiful civilized Palestinian society, under the flag of Palestine. And it is Palestine, and it will forever be.

But, if you’re still, double-standard asshole, passing on judgments about me and my lifestyle, let me tell you this: you don’t know shit about living the life I live, you don’t know shit about being oppressed and humiliated with no one to help you, you don’t know shit about being under occupation, about losing your house or your loved one because of occupation so don’t even dare to open your mouth before you take a walk in my cruel world. 

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