Tuesday, 2 December 2014

RESISTANCE vs. TERRORISM: A Look at Violence In Jerusalem.

       Blaming Palestinian people (or black people, or any type of oppressed people on earth) for resisting and fighting back is simply like blaming a girl for fighting back her rapist. Disgusting as it is; the Mainstream Media only shows the public eye one part of the whole picture (after it being photoshopped and rewritten to fit the Zionist script of course). You’ve all heard about the Palestinian guy who ran over a group of settlers few weeks ago in Jerusalem, right? But, have you heard about that Israeli settler who ran over the five-year-old Inas Dar Khaleel and killed her? Of course not; and here starts my discussion.

When such acts happen in Palestine, like, when a settler runs over a five year old (check) or when soldiers shoot and kill a bride-to-be on a checkpoint (check) or when Israeli Zionist settlers violate and mistreat holy places that mean so much to Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem (check) or when soldiers randomly kill a Palestinian guy –who has an Israeli citizenship- without doing nothing (check and caught on tape) or when settlers set on fire the sixteen-year-old Mohammad Abou-Khudere and burn him alive (also check) or when six extremist gangster settlers lynch a Palestinian bus driver (check as well)… and nothing happens to those criminals, not even legal questioning not even arrested… what do you expect from people who are occupied, traumatized, outcast, oppressed, discriminated etc. to do?! Really? When there is no justice, there will be fighting back, there will be resistance, there will be rebelliousness and there will be revenge. I am not trying to justify or explain whatever is going on around Jerusalem lately; I am being completely honest and clear about it. No apologies for crimes caused because of Israel’s oppression. Whatever that fascist, racist, government is holding is nothing but deceiving, behavioral, institutional and masked terrorism. These ‘terrorists’ that Israel is facing right now are its work. They’re the result of living under oppression, occupation, inequality and evil. The only thing Israel should blame for whatever chaos and self-destruction Israel had laid on its soul is Israel. We’re the terrorists, Israel’s the gun; we are the killers, Israel’s the knife; we are the criminals, Israel is the crime.

Too clear and easy, anyone could see through this vicious window of blurry misconceptions and ideologies Israel is trying to show to the world. But honey, our sun is rising, and the light is cleaning and clearing the window for all to see. It is time for people to see Israel for what it really is; unmasking the real criminal, terrorist, killer etc.
This is reactionary; whatever and everything that has been happening around Jerusalem, the violence and all. It was about time for it to happen- people are too angry, and suffocated from all the unjust laws and policies that they are suffering from. When no one is helping them, and the state is doing everything to oppress them and discriminate them, when there are no laws or courts they can go to so they can receive their rights, when all the criminals are still outside, living their lives normally as if they did nothing; that is when really all Palestinians realize that if there is anyone who’s going to bring them their rights, dignity and livelihoods back is no one but themselves. So before all of you ‘oh my god Palestinians are so cruel’ start talking, firstly, you’ve got to understand the whole situation before you start passing on judgments, secondly you’ve got to realize that this is what happen when a government is so unjust, thirdly, stand in our shoes; if you were oppressed like this, saw your loved ones dying, were forced to leave your house… saw your hopes aborted, wouldn’t you fight back? Wouldn’t you throw a stone?.... I am talking directly to your conscience right now and I know your answer is a positive.

So what is it? Resistance or terrorism? When that settler ran over that innocent poor five years old, that is terrorism, but when that Palestinian ran over settlers it was a reaction; an act of resistance; he had to let all of that anger suffocating out. I don’t think what he did was heroic, whatsoever, but I know, that it was caused because of Israel’s masked terrorism.
Yes, I totally agree with ‘an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind’ but I also agree with the fact that if fire is not put down it will devour everything that it passes by, we cannot sit around helpless and do nothing about israel’s bullying, we must fight back and take a stand and do the best we can to resist. And when it’s my right, it’ll be nails, teeth, flesh, blood and pens fighting for it.


  1. Resistance is the word not terrorism. Actually it is the government of Israel the one committing acts of terrorism. As you well mentioned above they are terrorizing the Palestinian people all the time by killing arresting them destroying their houses etc.,, !, well done brother please keep it up spending the truth!

  2. Great work brother, keep writing fearlessly!

  3. Freedom will come soon my brother. The zionists' chickens will come home to roost, sooner than later!


  4. Bravo! You said it, you said it all.