Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lest We Forget: Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you all have a blast and forget for a while what world are you from. Because, frankly, reality is way too tough for us to be dealing with, and that is something we’ve said for too many damn years… and then tomorrow went missing, and we forgot the river underneath us, running and taking everything with it. So, away from the jingle bells and the celebrations, we should know that it would only get bitter[er]. Whatever, Santa did put under that mistletoe is no surprise; he put nothing at all.

  Since it’s almost 2015 in few days, I figured a make a ‘new year’s resolutions’ list- but then, since I’m too tired of the ‘new year, new me’ type of crap, I decided to realize the world’s previous new year’s resolutions. Instead of the ‘I want to do this, I want to do that’ bullshit, why don’t I give you a little list I like to name: a Reality Check.

It’s almost 2015 and no wannabe destinies were fulfilled, no shiny promises are kept, and for sure our expectations of a better tomorrow were crushed. We found ourselves as humans sinking in disappointment wondering: who to blame?

It’s almost 2015 and Zionism still exists and it’s widely practiced. Israel is still around, with its inhumane, savage, fascist crimes. It’s almost 2015 and the USA still conquers the world with terrorism, making ‘peace’ as their excuse but it is only greed that drives them to kill people and steal their lands and resources. It’s almost 2015 and peace is nothing but evil, war and oppression in a mask.

It’s almost 2015 and Hindus and Muslims are fighting over religion in India, Shias and Sunnis are fighting over Islam in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and many other countries. It’s almost 2015 and people still despise, discriminate and even kill each other because of their religion. It’s almost 2015 and people [mostly in the Arab World] don’t even have the right to choose their religious beliefs/disbeliefs. It’s almost 2015 and things like The KKK and ISIS still exist.

It’s almost 2015 and racism is alive and well. It’s almost 2015 and justice still is abandoning Mike Brown and many other Black people. It’s almost 2015 and African American teenagers get killed for playing with toy guns. It’s almost 2015 and equal rights did not yet come, and the word ‘negro’ is still a funny thing to say coming out of a white mouth. it’s almost 2015 and America did not even witness one true black president (if you’re counting Obama, you’re naïve).

It’s almost 2015 and stereotypes still exist: people hate Islam because of Osama Bin Laden, people hate Judaism because of Zionism, people hate all Americans because of Gorge W. Bush and Barak Obama (but really do you ever see stereotyping of white people because of the KKK or McVeigh?). It’s almost 2015 and we judge people based on their color, religion etc.

It’s almost 2015 and the world is still giving Noble prizes to people like Shimon Perez. It’s almost 2015 and Christopher Columbus is still seen a national hero and not a filthy thief and/or settler. It’s almost 2015 and Native Australians and Indigos are still treated like shit in their own lands.

It’s almost 2015 and women around the world are assaulted, discriminated and oppressed. 20,000 women die per year because of ‘honor’ killings (e.g. an Arab woman who got raped is more likely to be killed than to receive justice). It’s almost 2015 and women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. It’s almost 2015 and sexism, bigotry and homophobia still exist, prostitution still exists and burqas still exist. It’s almost 2015 and women cannot practice their rights; women in the Arab world will be blamed for getting raped; women in the Arab world will be called names if they’re successful and independent; women in the Arab world are expected-virgin-brides; women in the Arab world will be attacked if they stand up for themselves. It’s almost 2015 and women are called the most disgusting humiliating names if they choose not to get married or get pregnant.

It’s almost 2015 and democratic Israel jails people because of their Facebook posts that demands resistance. It’s almost 2015 and civil marriage does not exist in the Arab world nor does freedom of speech or freedom of expression. It’s almost 2015 and journalists are fired from their jobs or even jailed for saying the truth, and the mainstream media is still the biggest hypocrite in the world. It’s almost 2015 and the withering, weary, and sad Arab ‘spring’ is still ongoing.  It’s almost 2015 and dictators still exist in the world.

It’s almost 2015 and gender is what’s between a person’s thighs. It’s almost 2015 and femininity still is something that must be in a woman, just like masculinity is required in a man. It’s almost 2015 and a boy is made fun of for being sensitive and a girl is brought down for being physically strong.

It’s almost 2015 and we’re still voiceless, we’re still silent, we’re still waiting for divine...
 Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not saying this to be pessimistic, I am saying this to be realistic. Even though it’s 2015, hope shines from the flesh of corruption and fire after all only eats itself. There is positivity, but we need to work towards it, do something about it. And only, then we can assure tomorrow is coming.

…. Happy New Year everybody! 

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