Friday, 23 January 2015

A King Fallen: My Thoughts

   I woke up to the news that the King of Saudi Arabia is dead. This was a guilty pleasure of mine: a smile was unintentionally and systematically drawn on my unsatisfied morning-face (did I feel bad after it?). I felt the exact same feeling I felt when comedienne Joan Rivers died few weeks after she has said that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip ‘deserved to die’ and had ‘low IQ’, I believed in Karma for few hours. Wishing death upon others is so horrible, but since I am a ‘wannabe writer’, words matter to me, especially horrible words that cut like blades, words that are so hurtful and leave wounds unhealable, words that wander one’s memory like a thundery December night. (Folks told me that it was terrible to ‘poke fun at one’s death’, while they absolutely forgot that, firstly, she was the one making fun of children’s death, and secondly I was not making fun of her death, I was just bringing out the fact that Karma is around), I mean can you merge her voice telling that ‘joke’ with a picture of a Gazan child tortured?

   Anyway, let’s get back to subject: why was that –bitchy- smile drawn on my face anyway? Because it occurred to me, that this rich, powerful and glorious King will be buried under the dry soil of Saudi Arabia, and his soul will only beg for the dessert skies to rain and water his thirsty tomb. Not even the oil that the powerful ones killed other people for can fulfill the King’s throat anticipations. In the past few years, children of Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Somalia etc. have been dying because of hatred, hunger, terrorism, corruption and extremism, and their bodies are either left to rot on the burning concrete, or buried under the destructions of mosques, churches, governmental offices, etc. (the buildings that never helped them). Exactly like the King Abdul Aziz, their buried under humble mud, with no money, power, or leverage. What did Mr. Abdul Aziz do the Arab World? In fact, what did he do to his people? I feel sorry for those who are brainwashed and taught who and how to love. His legacy was officially, and ‘legally’ oppressing Saudi women, cuffing freedom and silencing liberated voices, forbidding freedom of expression (then sending an ambassador to rally for freedom of expression in Paris), corruption in governmental institutions, being silent about the children dying of hatred and hunger… not to mention him having so called peace agreements with Israel and witnessing Palestinians die every single day because of Israel… I could go on and on. 

In the Arab world we say ‘you can only wish mercy upon the dead’ well, shall I wish for mercy upon Sharon? Need I pray for Hitler to rest in peace? Should I wish for mercy for Netanyahu (when he dies –soon hopefully)? Should I? Not at all, and I do not desire to put on a phony face of sorrow to mourn those who killed and continue to kill to this very day with their ongoing oppressing legacy. What they take with them? Wealth? Money? What?! Now they’re equally death under some sad-looking soil, like any other child who the world didn’t give a damn about.

My condolences to the ones who died, and are forgotten, my condolences to the ones who are mourned in masses and numbers. My condolences the ones whose souls fade in decay and obliviousness. My condolences to children who were victims of hatred and didn’t know yet what they were fighting for. My condolences to the ones who didn’t know any wealth or fame, my condolences who didn’t have the world wake to pretend he cares about them and to pretend that they were good people. My condolences to those who we’ll never know, who are unwritten and untold.

My condolences to those who didn’t live to see a king who witnessed them dying, die.  

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